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Quick review exercise: 

In your groups, answer one of the following questions, using at least 5 key vocabulary terms. You will present your detailed answer to the class.

  1. Examine the methods used to make estimates (predictions) of the probability (in time and space) of 2 hazard events occurring, and of their potential impact on lives and property.
  2. Distinguish between a hazard event and a disaster. Explain why this distinction is not always completely objective.
  3. Examine the ways in which the intensity and impacts of disasters vary in space and have changed over time.
  4. Discuss the factors that determine an individual’s perception of the risk posed by hazards.
  5. Discuss vulnerability as a function of demographic and socio-economic factors, and of a community’s preparedness and ability to deal with a hazard event when it occurs.

Homework: Read Chapter 2 of Bishop. P. 13 to 35