We have been discussing population growth and the impact of population structures on a country’s society, environment and economy. Looking at population pyramids, we can not only see the issues facing the country at the moment, but even predict future problems that may arise because of it’s natural increase.

Project 1:
Population Pyramid Project

Analyze the population structure of 2 countries. One MEDC and one LEDC. If you are/thinking of going to Cambodia this year, it must be your choice of LEDC.

– Explain the problems (social, environmental, economic etc) resulting from the current population structure
– Predict the future population structure of the country, based on it’s current growth rate and population policies
– Contrast the differences between your MEDC and LEDC country

To answer those questions, create your own population pyramids, based on recent data that you have retrieved from the US Census Bureau Database or the CIA World Factbook

The project should be presented as an annotated graphic, where all points of information are referenced to in the pyramids. You should have at least six different points of information, each of which is no more than 3 sentence long.

Include a bibliography, MLA style of any sources used.

You will be graded using the IB rubric for papers 1 and 2, which you can find on p. 55 and 56 of your IB Geography guide. (AO1, AO2, AO4)