First, write a one paragraph reflection about your experience with Mr Yoshinami last Wednesday. 

  • You can list the activities, but focus more on what you have learned, and the questions it has raised

Then, we will begin the Religion Research Project.

The first thing we need to do is come up with a good research question.

  • The question should be original (has not been asked before)
  • The question should be open ended and allow analysis
  • The question should be possible to answer in 250 words
  • It should be about a topic which interests you
  1. Create a mindmap about religion, the things that interest you, and the questions you have about those things.
  2. Come up with two good questions
  3. Present them to a partner and make changes based on his/her recommendations
  4.  You will present your two questions to the class and we will discuss which one is best suited for the project