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IB12: AIDS – Prevention relative to treatment

What is HIV/AIDS?

  • What risk factors of HIV and AIDS are identified ?
  • Would you consider yourself to be at risk from HIV and AIDS ?
  • What social factors do think could increase the risk for people to contact HIV and AIDS?

HIV/AIDS prevention in Thailand:

As you watch the video, consider the geographic factors that influence policy‑makers in Thailand on prevention as opposed to treatment of HIV and AIDS.

As a group, fill in this table based on the video.

Homework for the holiday:

  • Complete all questions from this blog post
  • Read Harper’s Magazine’s The Quinoa Quarrel handout
  • Complete this form
  • If you have some free time, watch Fed Up or Food Inc or any documentary related to food and/or disease.

Due first class back, Monday November 3rd

IBDP Geo – Option F: The Geography of Food and Health

The world has enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed”

-Mahatma Gandhi

IB Expectation: Describe the variations in health as reflected by changes in life expectancy at national and global scales since 1950. Explain the patterns and trends in terms of differences in income and lifestyle.

 Life Expectancy at Birth:


Daily Calorie Intake per capita


GDP Per Capita by Country of Year 2011


 Changes in income and life expectancy over time:


What is the relationship between health and life expectancy? Do longer lives necessarily mean healthier lives?

Which of the indicators we have discussed today would be the best indicator f health?


Exercise: On an A4 paper, using gapminder, chartsbin or a similar source, create an annotated graph depicting the changes in life expectancy from 1950 to 2012 in a variety of countries in terms of income and lifestyle. (mix of MEDC, LEDC, NIC and OPEC countries)


Typhoon day!

Hi guys, I hope you are all safe and dry and keeping an eye on Phanfone.

Here is the work for today:

Grade 12 IB Geo:

Read Codrington p. 166 to 174. Create a Google doc, share it with me and answer questions 1 to 3 on p. 174. Answer them all as though they wee 6 point questions on an IB exam. You can time yourself to about 30 minutes if you want to practice an exam situation.

Also, study for your test on Thursday on all of Unit 4.

Grade 8 Humanities:

Continue working on Religion Research Project. Make sure to write down your notes on the research log. I expect you to read one good article or web page and take detailed notes on it.

See you Tuesday!!!

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