Following our comapraisons of different countries, we have found out how they differ in terms of development, which can lead to inequalities between countries. Today we will discuss these inequalities.

In your groups, discuss these questions. Remember to focus on inequality between countries, or between people living in these countries.

  • What does inequality mean?
  • How can you measure inequality?
  • Why is the world unequal?
  • Is it possible to have a fully equal world?

Part 2:

  • As you watch the video, think of the value of the statistics he is presenting in measuring¬†disparity.
  • In your groups, you will evaluate the claims made by Richard Wilkinson on the definitions and causes of disparity in the world today.
  • Use examples from the video to present your answers.

Part 3:

We will work in groups of 2 on our info-graphic summative assessment. TSC

Visual techniques: