Hi kids!

I will be absent all day. Here is your work for the day:

Period 3 & 4, InS 8C

You will be watching The End of Poverty, about the consequences on development on the world’s poorest people. As you watch, consider your definitions of development, and your explanations of “Why is the world unequal?”. Is economic development really an indication of better lives for the people? You will need some of this knowledge for your next assignment on disparity.

Period 5 & 6, InS 10B

Since we have just completed a major assessment, you have both periods to work on any work due this week:

  • Personal project is due at 4 o’clock today

  • Science Energy project is due on Wednesday

  • Any other assessment due this week.  

Period 7 & 8, IB Geo 12

Make sure to share your AIDS/Malaria project with me.

Use the rest of the class to review for your upcoming unit test

You can:

I will try to be online at this time. Shoot me emails, CCing the whole class, and I will try to answer as the class goes.

Remember, we also have a review session tomorrow, Tuesday at 4PM.