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IB11: The Carbon Cycle

IB expectation: Examine the role of oceans as a store and source of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon is present in all living things and is in a state of dynamic equilibrium i.e. it is constantly the same level on Earth but always changing forms and location. It is an a state of constant flux. (Continuous change)



See also: Carbon Cycle explained, and Keeping up with Carbon


1. Describe the chemical process of ocean acidification

2Explain the effect of ocean acidification on crustaceans 

. Explain the effect of ocean acidification on humans

4. Write a 25 minute essay on the following IB style Question: Examine the role of oceans as a store of CO2

Make sure to include a thesis statement, three arguments and a clear conclusion.

Also, include all of the following vocabulary terms:

  • Carbon sink
  • Solubility
  • Carbon cycle
  • Oceanic conveyor belt
  • Carbon transfer
  • Acidification


IB HL: The Growth of Environmental Awareness

I will be absent today, here is your work for the double period.

Read Guinness p. 120 to 131 – 20 minutes

Using the reading and the handout, answer the following questions in essay format. Q1 should be no more than 5 paragraphs, and Q2 can be longer. (This task should be done in no more than 60 minutes)

  1. Explain the growth of environmental awareness as a consequence of increased global interactions.

  2. Examine the role of one international civil society organization in fostering improved environmental management.

Due Wednesday March 4th at the beginning of class as a google doc shared with me, with editing rights. 


IB HL: Information Flows

  • Define outsourcing
  • How has the nature of outsourcing in India changed over time?
  • What obstacles could there be to the worldwide growth of outsourcing?


You have already read Guinness p. 82 to 91. Now write an outline for review questions 1 and 2 p. 91.

  • For each question include:
    • A thesis statement
    • Bullets with your two arguments and one counter argument
    • A one sentence conclusion
  • Your outlines must include at least 5 vocabulary terms highlighted in this chapter

If time, read as much of Guinness p. 92 to 131.

InS 8: Globalisation of Yokohama Project

We have been discussing globalization and cartography. Now is our chance to mix both of these topics in the Globalization of Yokohama Project

Due dates: 

Part 1. Introduction: 

  • 8B: Tuesday March 3rd
  • 8C: Wednesday March 4th

Part 2: Annotated Map

  • 8B: Wednesday March 9th
  • 8C: Wednesday March 9th

Parts 3: Sketch Map

  • 8B: Friday March 20th
  • 8C: Wednesday March 18th

Part 4: In class essay response

  • 8B: Friday March 20th
  • 8C: Wednesday March 18th

IB 11: Oceanic Conveyor Belt and Energy Transfer of Oceans

5 minute review

-Describe the spatial variations of sea water salinity

-Describe the spatial variations of sea water temperature.

  •  Remember to use proper vocabulary

The Oceanic Conveyor Belt

Dr. Martins is nominated in the upcoming Academy awards:


Write a a paragraph entitled the importance of the oceanic conveyor belt. Your paragraph must include a color, hand-drawn sketch map and the following terms:

  • Thermohaline circulation
  • Oceanic conveyor belts
  • Water density
  • North Atlantic Deep Water NADW
  • Antarctic bottom water AABW
  • Upwelling
  • Nutrients
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Salinity

Homework: Read Codrington p. 227 to 236

InS 8: Mapskills

  • Our next project will require you to draw a detailed, scaled map of an area near the school.
  • Before we do so, let’s look at some topographic maps and find out what kind of information they give us.
  • In your groups copy this document, adding your names and group numbers in the title. Then, share it with me.
  • Follow the instructions on the document.

IB 11: Oceans and Their Coastal Margins intro

Why do Oceans matter?

The Coriolis effect:

Knowing this, does the coriolis force affect the direction of spiraling water in a toilet?

Modeling Ocean Currents and their effects of sea surface temperatures (SST):

Floatsametrics. Please have a listen if you have a chance.

Ocean morphology:

  • —This will be reviewed in the Hazards unit on plate tectonics.
  • —On a poster paper, draw labeled diagrams including all of the following: Transform fault, Spreading ridge, seamount, Abyssal plain, Continental rise, island arc, continental shelf, magma, rift valley, transform fault, guyot, deep sea trench, subduction zone, continental slope.

Gr 8 Globaliation Product Placement Reflection

Make a copy of this document, including your name and group number at the beginning of the title. 

Then, share it with me and post the hyperlink in this document: 8B 8C

You have 45 minutes.


IB HL: Migration Flows and Culture

This is a continuation/review of the paper 1 unit on Migration. Quick review

IB Outcomes:

Explain the causes and effects of one major flow of labour between two countries.

Describe cultural traits in terms of language, customs, beliefs, dress, images, music, food and technology. Examine the diffusion of cultural traits resulting from the international movement of workers, tourists and commodities.

What is Culture?

What is a Diaspora?

Part 1: We will read Guinness p. 142 to 144

  • Complete this Google doc.
  • Considering what we know about Mexican Culture, research one examples of adaptation, adoption and cultural diffusion of Mexican Culture into American culture.

Part 2: US Attempts at Controlling Immigration

1. Research the USCIS and my Diigo website to answer the following questions

  1. What is a green card? What benefits does it entail?
  2. What are the general requirements to obtain US Citizenship?
  3. Are there any special regulations for children?
  4. What is the Flores Protection?
  5. Under US law, what is considered an illegal alien?

Further Reading

IB HL: Financial Flows Case Study: Jamaica and the IMF

IB outcome: Examine the influence of governments, world trading organizations and financial institutions (such as the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund and World Bank) in the transfer of capital.

Part 1:

In groups

Research one of the following organization: WTO, IMF or World Bank and present the organization’s:

  • History: 1 paragraph
  • Official goal of the organization
  • Aid and loan statistics: How much do they loan and to which country?
  • Explain three benefits of their involvement on the world financial system
  • Explain three criticism of their involvement on the world financial system

Part 2: Jamaica and the IMF

As you read Windsor and watch the documentary, take detailed notes on:

  1. Causes of Jamaica’s economic problems. Classify them as external and internal
  2. Major players
  3. The IMF’s Structural Adjustment Program (SAPs) on Jamaica
  4. The Role of the WTO
  5. Currency Devaluation – Theory, cause and consequence
  6. Other external factors influencing Jamaica’s Economy
  7. Free Trade Zones
  8. The effect of the removal of trade barriers on Jamaica’s economy
  9. The Jamaican Banana industry

You will have a paper-3-style in-class essay on this case study on Tuesday February 10

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