IB expectation: Examine the role of oceans as a store and source of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon is present in all living things and is in a state of dynamic equilibrium i.e. it is constantly the same level on Earth but always changing forms and location. It is an a state of constant flux. (Continuous change)



See also: Carbon Cycle explained, and Keeping up with Carbon


1. Describe the chemical process of ocean acidification

2Explain the effect of ocean acidification on crustaceans 

. Explain the effect of ocean acidification on humans

4. Write a 25 minute essay on the following IB style Question: Examine the role of oceans as a store of CO2

Make sure to include a thesis statement, three arguments and a clear conclusion.

Also, include all of the following vocabulary terms:

  • Carbon sink
  • Solubility
  • Carbon cycle
  • Oceanic conveyor belt
  • Carbon transfer
  • Acidification