Hi guys,

I will be absent today. Here is the work to be done.

Gr 12 Geo, Periods 5 and 6

  • We will do the presentations on consumer culture at the beginning of next class
  • Read the chapter on Sociocultural Interactions in Guinness 168-180, I think or Codrington 632 to 640 (longer but better, more detailed) and create an outline for the following IB type essay: Examine the impact of cultural diffusion on one indigenous and remote society through the influence of international interactions.
  • Due next class

Grade 8C – InS, Period 8

Leave the homework on my desk, or email it to me.

  • Tomorrow morning we will go down to Motomachi to complete the third part of the  Yokohama Globalization project.
  • Today, you need to devise a plan to collect all the necessary information in under an hour. 
    • Make groups of 3 or 4
    • Plan a route for each member, we will only cover the main shopping street, from the Starbucks to the first traffic light, moving West. 
    • Create a data collection sheet so that each member will collect similar data (eg: name of store, location, product, country of origin etc. See project description for details.)
    • You will be given clipboards and a Surveyor’s Wheel to measure distance.

See you tomorrow!