IB Outcome:

  • Discuss anti-globalization movements.
  • Examine the resurgence of nationalism in one country as it attempts to retain control of its resources and culture.
  • Discuss the attempts to control migration into one country.

How can trade blocks diminish national sovereignty? 

Opposing views of Globalization

Thomas Friedman: New York Times journalist, author of “The¬†World is Flat”

  • Global communication is enhancing human rights opportunities
  • High tech industries have created jobs in NICs and LEDCs
  • Human rights and environmental organizations have been empowered by globalization

Ignacio Ramonet, Editor of Le Monde Diplomatic

  • Globalization has increased the gap between rich and poor (also high skilled vs low skilled labor)
  • Inspired backlash in the name of of various purportedly threatened briefs and ways of life
  • “Borders are increasingly contested, and pockets of minorities give rise to the dream of annexation, secession, and ethnic cleansing” — September 11

Other opinions against globalization:

  • The abuse of a growing illegal labor force
  • Cultural imperialism making resistance futile
  • Growing FDI would erode bargaining power of organized labor / unions
  • TNCs backing oppressive regimes
  • Increased environmental problems as a reaction to overproduction
  • Increased regional tensions

NAFTA and the Zapatista Revolt in Mexico

Important people and places:

As you watch,take notes on:

  • Impact of Globalization on Mexican indigenous populations
  • Impact of NAFTA on Farmers
  • Consequences of NAFTA – Migration, political instability etc.
  • Violent protest vs Non-violence

Start at 6:00

Zapatistas documentary

More on NAFTA’s impact on the economy

In groups:

Find an anti globalization movement and create a 5 minute presentation explaining:

  • Broad lines of the development of the movement
  • Issues that have lead to their protests
  • Main demands
  • Outcomes: successes and failures

Possible CS:

  • Seattle Protest, November 30, 1999
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Greenpeace and it’s work against TNCs
  • Homeless Worker’s Movement in Brazil
  • Climate Change activism
  • Indigenous population resistance inSouth America or Australia
  • Anti WTO, IMF and/or World Bank protests