IB outcomes:

Discuss the sovereignty rights of nations in relation to territorial limits and exclusive economic zones (EEZ).

Conflict: Examine a geopolitical conflict in relation to an oceanic resource, other than fishing.

Dredging: Start around 29:00


Who Owns the Arctic?

As you watch the videos. Take detailed notes on your google doc to answer the following questions:

  • Who owns the Artic?
  • Why are countries so interested in claiming a part of the Arctic Ocean?
  • What are the risks of exploiting the Arctic?
  • How is Canada laying claim to the Arctic?
  • How is Russia laying claim to the Arctic?
  • What is the importance of the North West Passage?
  • What are America and Denmark’s main claims to the Arctic?

Start at 5:00

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IB Style Question:

Referring to specific nations, discuss the geopolitical issues that arise over ocean areas. [10] (SPEC – 3d)