Hi guys,

As I told you, I will be absent today. Here is the work to be done.

IB GEO 12, Periods 3, 4

The practice papers are on my desk. Grab one each but feel free to do another one if you prefer. The markschemes are in the folder I shared with you with all the past papers.

Period 1: Complete either questions 1 to 4 OR one complete essay question (5 to 7)

Period 2: Exchange your answers with a peer and give each other a grade based on the IB markscheme. If time, discuss why you gave your grade, and where/why you took off points.

IB Geo 11, Periods 5, 6

You have both periods to watch videos and write a practice IB essay. You may watch the videos individually or as a group on the overhead. Make sure to take notes as you watch the videos.  Louis, don’t cross your arms!!!!