Hi guys,

I will be absent today to go on the InS 9 field trip to Kamakura.

Here is the work for today:

Periods 3, 4: 8c InS

  • You have both periods to finish your Historical Perspective Project.
  • Your essays and presentations are due on Wednesday.
  • Those of you doing presentations or videos, you will present on Wednesday.¬†
  • If you finish early you may work on other homework

Periods 5, 6: InS 10

First Period:

  • Create a google doc titled InS10 – YOUR NAME – Guatemala Reflection
  • Write a one page reflection on Mr. Mejia’s discussion.
    • What information had the greatest impact on you and why?
    • Think about the challenges he faced and the changes that he has seen.
    • How do you compare what you read on the PBS site to what Mr. Mejia said?
    • Remember the reflection reveals your critical thoughts and shows your ability to analyse the information that you have on the topic (in this case Guatemala and the civil war).

Second Period: On the same google doc:

  • Working with a partner find one current human rights issue from two different major news sources (remember the sources you used for the Syria Conflict Project)
  • Paste each article on the document and¬†write a short paragraph that state:
    • the type of right being addressed
    • why it’s important
    • a short synopsis of what has happened
    • what action(s) you feel need to be taken.
    • Do the articles agree?
  • Due at the end of class.