Quick review from last class:


  • 1: What is the atmosphere of the earth?
  • 2. What is the importance of a) clouds and b) carbon dioxide in the energy balance of the earth?
  • 3. Why is it warmer in summer than winter?
  • 4. Describe how heat is transferred from the tropics towards the poles
  • 5. Using an annotated diagram only:
    • illustrate the variations in temperature and pressure with altitude in the atmosphere.
    • Explain what happens to incoming solar radiation as it passes through the earth’s atmosphere.

Part 2: IB requirements: Discuss the causes and environmental consequences of global climate change.

A simplified explanation:


Post lecture exercise task:

—Produce a 5 minute presentation that discusses the causes and consequences of global climate change.

  • —Groups of 3
  • —The report should presented as a Google presentation
  • —Include images and diagrams (should be integrated into the report)
  • —Focus mainly on the environmental consequences, but include socio-economic consequences as well
  • —No need to explain climate change itself
  • —Consider the severity of consequences depending on temperature change
  • —Give a short list of possible and plausible solutions
  • —Bibliography
  • —We will present next class, followed by a short debate

Topics: At least 3 per groups

  • —Sea level rise
  • —Increased storm activity/ Change in rainfall pattern /El Nino
  • —Change in agricultural pattern
  • —Temperature variations and heat waves
  • —Acidification of oceans
  • —Melting ice caps
  • —Wildlife extinction
  • —Growth of the tropical belt
  • —Human health: spread of disease, respiratory disease, Natural disasters, nutrition, stress