Last class, we discussed how some products have gone from ideas to realities.

Today, we will look into a little more details into the required steps needed to start a business:

Here’s a link at how someone could start their own mini-business. 

  • What do you think of this plan?
  • Is anything missing?
  • What kind of business would work best from such a plan?

As a group, write a SHORT list of the things required to start a business. 


4 Main Areas to Address when starting a business

Land (Where will I sell my product?)

  • Think of how much space would be required?
  • Where the best place would be to attract customers?


  • How many people are required to run my business?
  • What exactly will each person do, what is their specific role in the company?


  • What do I need in order to make my product?
  • Tools? Machinery? Computers?

Entrepreneurship (Brain Power)

  • How can I make my product different from what’s out there already?
  • How can I attract customers?
  • What makes my good/service attractive?


Part 2:


Brainstorm Activity

Using a simple spidergram come up with various ideas about what kind good/service you (as in a student) could produce. You will then make a short video about your product/idea.

  • Provide a description of the business and product
  • Explain the best marketing strategy you will use, how will you sell the product? Is it exclusive and expensive like a luxury good for example?
  • Identifying the plan as to how you will manage the business (how many people will you need to employ, where will you set it up etc.)
  • A brief analysis of the finances needed to start the business and make it successful (How much money will you need and where will it come from?) Research the cost of your primary products, here in Japan. 
  • 2 minutes max
  • Peer Assessment on Criteria A, B and D (End of Part 2)
  • Remember this is a “Pitch” for the product, not a commercial: like a kickstarter project. 
  • Advice from former grade 9 students
  • Due Tuesday, September 8th: Video, brainstorm notes and research log
  • Hyperlink your video, research log and spider-graph here



Part 3

Now that you have developed a strong plan for your business, and  that you have reconsidered some aspects based your our presentation comments, it is time to put your plan into action!

Class 1: , Monday September 14th: Marketing

You have a product, you know there is a need for it, and you know it is good. The first thing you will need to do is plan a marketing campaign to make your product visible.

Today, you will consider all the ways that will be necessary to market your product to your target audience:


  • Videos
  • Letters to parents
  • Facebook visibility
  • HS bulletin
  • Posters
  • Display presentation
  • Uniforms
  • Packaging
  • New, innovative techniques

Do not post or send anything today. You need to have a complete plan and samples of all your literature, ads, emails, videos etc, to be approved by your teacher tomorrow, Tuesday September 15th. Only then will you be allowed to ask the school for permission to advertize within their walls.

If you finish early, begin planning your production. (List the material, tools and people that will be required to create the product)