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You will have an open-book, in-class essay on Friday answering a question related to this IB outcome:   Explain the concept and importance of biodiversity in tropical rainforests. Examine the causes and consequences of reduced biodiversity in this biome.

To prepare, create detailed notes about the following issues:

  • Pick a rainforest biome of your choice
  • Explain the concept and importance of biodiversity in the biome (intro)
  • Describe an activity that humans are doing in your biome that results in lower biodiversity (body)
  • Examine the causes and consequences of reduced biodiversity in this biome (body)
  • You may choose to use a management strategy as a CS (body)
  • Make sure to include:
    • a specific location
    • a specific problem
    • proper vocabulary
    • a map of the area
    • Google Earth snapshot of deforested area
    • graphs
    • proper sourcing and bibliography

You will be graded based on the IB Paper 1 markband

My Diigo has a number of sources on the Amazon rainforest, see tags biodiversity, deforestation and rainforest

You may use Codrington’s case study if you wish.