Part 1: Examine the global patterns and trends in the production and consumption of oil.

Global Pattern in Oil production and Consumptions

List the factors that affect oil production and consumption:

Peak Oil Explained 

Oil and Gas Wells


Can you spot any problems in California’s well abandonment system?

Exercise 1:

Using, list the following:

  • Top 10 oil producers
  • Top 10 oil consumers
  • Top 10 oil consumer per capita
  • Top 10 oil reserve

Part 2: Examine the geopolitical and environmental impacts of these changes in patterns and trends.

For the Environmental section, you need to be able to fully explain the causes and consequences of Global Climate Change (Unit 3) and the BP oil spill (Hazards). The Race of the Arctic can also be a geopolitical consequence. (Coasts)

Other Environmental impacts:

Canada’s Tar Sands

What is fracking?

Also, have detailed notes of Poison Fire.

Geopolitical Impacts:


As you watch, list the ways and reasons OPEC can control oil prices. 

OPEC quotas. Start at 23:36 to 28:00

Project: Presentation

  • in groups of 3 or 4
  • create an in-depth, 5 minute presentation on one of the following topic
  • you may use PowerPoint,, video, or any other visual help
  • create a 1 page factsheet on your topic to be given to the rest of the class on the day of your presentation
  • use graphs, maps and tables, but they do not need to be created by your group
  • include an MLA style bibliography on your presentation, not on your factsheet
  • You may use to help you focus your research (make sure to include it in your bibliography)

Question 1: Discuss the role of OPEC countries in a recent energy crisis.

When oil prices rise, people and governments are forced to reduce their consumptions, which has a direct negative impact on the economy. OPEC countries are very aware of this and have used their leverage to impose their political ideas on consumer countries. 

  • Give a detailed account of the roles and responsibilities of OPEC countries
  • Describe the causes that led to the energy crisis
  • Draw a time line of the main events
  • Discuss the consequences (geopolitical and environmental) of the crisis in a specific country or region

Question 2: Discuss the consequences of oil production in the Nigerian Delta

Lax environmental laws and government corruption have attracted a lot of investment in Nigeria’s oil industry, but has also alienated much of its population. the WWF has declared the delta as one of the top 5 most polluted areas on earth. As you saw in the video, flaring has also affected the livelihood of the 20 000 000 people living in the delta. To make matters worse, oil poachers and rebel groups are now fighting to gain control of oil fields, or get ransom money.

  • Give a detailed account of the roles and responsibilities of Shell in the Nigerian Oil Crisis
  • Describe how the conflict has affected Nigeria’s relationship to other countries.
  • Draw a time line of the main events
  • Discuss the consequences of the crisis on the Nigerian population, its environment and on the Nigerian Government

Question 3: Current geopolitical conflict

There are many conflicts happening at the moment where oil can be traced as a direct cause. Be it Syria, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, oil money is involved in some way or another.

  • Chose one ongoing geopolitical conflict
  • Give a detailed account of the major players, their roles and responsibilities
  • Describe how the conflict has affected international relations
  • Draw a time line of the main events
  • Discuss the consequences of the crisis on the local population, the environment, and the supply and demand of oil in the region

Question 4: The Changing importance of other energy sources

As a consequence of these conflicts brought about through oil dependency, alternative energy sources have become increasingly important for countries to remain independent and self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Describe the following types of resources:

  • Renewable resources
  • Non Renewable resources
  • Human resources
  • Energy resources
  • Natural resources

Explain the trends and correlations in production, consumption and penetration of the following energy sources. Explain the various patterns over time and space. Using case studies, evaluate their efficiency in replacing oil consumption. (Pros and cons)

  • Natural Gas
  • Nuclear Power
  • Hydro-Electricity
  • Wind Power
  • Biofuels
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Solar Power
  • Fuelwood

You will have a double period on Friday to work on this. All presentations will be on Monday October 12th. You will also have an in-class essay on that day about all presentations.