You are to take a question about religion and attempt to answer it, demonstrating research skills and an ability to communicate an understanding of multiple points of view.

Here are some example questions.  

1) All world religions share the same characteristics?  To what extent do you agree with this statement?

2) Analyze the effect of one world religion on one country? (i.e. Analyze has Buddhism affected Japan?)

3) If you want to understand a religion, it is important to understand how they organize their worship space.  Citing a least two religions, analyze how the worship space (i.e Church/Mosque) reflects the values of the religion.

4) Evaluate how religion affected art?  Use at least two religions in your work.  

If you don’t like these questions, you can make your own analytical question.  Just have it approved by the teacher.  



  • You must create something that has at least 250 written words and a thesis statement.  These words do not necessarily have to be in paragraph format, though that is an option.
  • You must answer the question as it is asked
  • You must include specific evidence to support your thesis statement.  Evidence can be visual or written.
  • You must show analytical skills (how does the evidence help answer the question)
  • You must turn in your research log and a bibliography


  • You can do an essay.  For an essay to receive top marks, you would have to write more words than the minimum 250 words (max 500 words)
  • You could do a hybrid essay and multimedia ( for instance podcast/voicethread/animoto)
  • You could do a multimedia presentation that has written word sprinkled throughout the product

The steps: (Links will be added as we move through the project)

  • Step 1: Creating a good question (Investigating)
  • Step 2: Research (Investigating)
  • Step 3: Design/Storyboard/outline plan for communication (Communication)
  • Step 4: Share/Feedback design with peers (Communication)
  • Step 5: Create product (Communication/Critical thinking)


You will be marked on criterion  B, C, and D

Write your research question here: 8B 8C


In order to achieve top levels, you should


For a top level on Investigating (Criterion B)

  • Your research question is clear and focused on an issue relating to world religion
  • Your research action plan is well stated and will be an effective way of gathering evidence for your project
  • Your research sheet is completed and has varied information from appropriate sources
  • You effectively address the research question in your project.


For top level on Communication (Criterion C)

  • You choose an effective and appropriate way to present your information
  • You clearly communicate your understanding, either written or verbally
  • You organize your presentation in a way that best shows your understanding
  • You create a list of sources using MLA citation


For top level on Thinking Critically (Criterion D)

  • Everything in your presentation is analyzed in terms of your question
  • You address multiple perspectives concerning your topic in your project
  • The examples you choose to include do an excellent job of showing an understanding of your topic with well-supported arguments
  • You use varied information from different sources you have researched to come up with independent analysis