IB outcome: Explain the causes and impacts of any one recent human-induced hazard event or disaster.

  •  Gulf of Mexico: 25% of the US oil supply
  • Deepwater Horizon: Owned by Transocean, under a Marshall Island flag of convenience
  • Chartered by BP

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What happened:


  • April 20 2010
  • 3 leaks
  • 5000 barrels of oil released every day
  • 87 days to plug the leak

Complete part 1 of the shared document.  Start at 20:00

Ask yourself. Why did they not have a plan?

Part 2 Environmental and Social Impacts

Complete the rest of the document as we watch the following clips

Carl Safina: The Oil Spill’s Unseen Villain start at: 9:00

Vice: Crude Awakening start at 3:00 to 12:00

Further reading:

The Eight Failures that Caused the BP Oil Spill

Gross Negligence caused the Spill

Impact Assessment

Five Years Later

Judge Approves $5 Billion fine

Post CS exercise:

Now that we have all of our CS, create a table with scales of 1 to 5 for each of the following and place all four hazards on it.

  • spatial extent

  • predictability

  • frequency

  • magnitude

  • duration

  • speed of onset