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IB 11: Oceans and Climate: Energy Transfer

IB Outcome:  Explain the thermal transfers of energy within oceans and the importance of oceanic conveyor belts.

5 minute review

-Describe the spatial variations of sea water salinity

-Describe the spatial variations of sea water temperature.

  •  Remember to use proper vocabulary

The Oceanic Conveyor Belt

Dr. Martins is nominated in the upcoming Academy awards:

Here’s a slightly better one.

Climate change and the OCB


In groups of 2: Write a a paragraph entitled the importance of the oceanic conveyor belt. Your paragraph must include a color, hand-drawn sketch map and the following terms:

  • Thermohaline circulation
  • Oceanic conveyor belts
  • Water density
  • Climate
  • North Atlantic Deep Water NADW
  • Antarctic bottom water AABW
  • Upwelling
  • Nutrients
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Southern Ocean
  • Salinity
  • Atmospheric circulation

Post your paragraph here

Homework: Read Codrington p. 227 to 239

Friday afternoon movie:

IB HL: Time–space convergence and the reduction in the friction of distance

Examine the relative changes in the speed and capacity of one of the following types of transport responsible for the flow of goods, materials and people.

 Codrington p. 568 to 573

IB 11: Intro to Oceans and Their Coastal Margins

Why do Oceans matter?

The Coriolis effect:

Knowing this, does the coriolis force affect the direction of spiraling water in a toilet?

Modeling Ocean Currents and their effects of sea surface temperatures (SST):

Floatsametrics. Please have a listen if you have a chance.

Ocean morphology:

  • —This will be reviewed in the Hazards unit on plate tectonics.
  • —On a poster paper, draw labeled diagrams explaining the formation of all of the following: Transform fault, Spreading ridge, seamount, Abyssal plain, Continental rise, island arc, continental shelf, magma, rift valley, transform fault, guyot, deep sea trench, subduction zone, continental slope.

You will have a 10 minute quiz on Tuesday where you will be asked to recognize all of the landforms mentioned above.

IB12: KOF and Florida

Read Guinness Chapter 1: p. 1 to 14 and the Florida article 


1: Can the KOF indexes help identify the global core and periphery? Explain your answer

2: Answer Codrington, p. 560 # 1, 2

3: Read the Florida article and answer the following question

  1. How is Florida’s understanding of globalization different from the KOF index?
  2. To which of the 4 globalization theories would Florida fall into? Explain your answer.

Snow day cover

Hi guys,

I hope you are enjoying your snow day.

Here is the work to be done today:

Gr 12, your presentations will be rescheduled. I will email you soon. Meanwhile, study for Fridays unit test.

Gr 8B: Work on your infographic

Gr 9, Mr. Culek will email you.

Have a nice day and go play outside!! See you in a week.

Mr M

Welcome back! Here is the work while I am away

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing break and that you spent some quality time with your loved ones. I will be away fro two weeks for my paternity leave, and will return on January 25th.

You can email me if you have questions and I will try to answer as quickly as I can.

Here is the work to do during my absence:

Grade 8 InS B and C: You will work on the Infographic project. Due Friday January 22nd

Grade 9 InS:  Here is the work

Grade 11: Here is the work

Grade 12: Here is your work

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