Homework Discussion:

  • Examine the spatial and temporal consequences of overfishing. 
  • Explain “fishing down the food chain” -name the fish at the top and bottom of the food chain in the sea of Cortez
  • What was the role of Japan in overfishing in the Sea or Cortez? America?
  • How has overfishing influenced socio-economic problems in Kino, Sonora?
  • Explain the benefits and drawbacks of fish farms in Sonora.
  • Discuss the trawler vs pangas debate. What conclusion does Vance reach?
  • What solutions were found in Puerto Adolfo López Mateos?
  • What is the Mexican government doing? How successful were they?

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IB Requirement: Identify the biotic and abiotic resources of continental shelves, oceans and ocean floor deposits.

As you watch one of the videos:

  • Consider the various needs oceans fulfil for humans and the Earth as a whole.
  • Consider the need for a global agreement on the preservation of oceans.
  • Consider the difficulties in regulating oceans.

Overfishing Visually Explained

Explain the 3 ways that natural resources can be valued. (How van you measure it’s worth?)
Explain why we fail to account for many the oceans values
Explain the problems that we cause by failing to accurately account for the ocean’s value


1. Read this article on ocean resources

2. Draw a sketch map identifying the biotic and abiotic resources of continental shelves, oceans and ocean floor deposits.

  • Annotate your sketch map showing the main areas where various types of fishing, tourism and mining occurs in the ocean.
  • Color code the biotic and abiotic resources
  • Clearly state wether each resource is found on the continental shelves, in the open oceans or on the ocean floor

3. Rank the top 5 most valuable resources of oceans and justify your answers.

Homework: Read Codrington up to p. 243 (if you haven’t already done so.)