We have been looking at ways that Globalization affects Culture.

In the next project, we will collect primary and secondary sources to uncover the influence globalization has had on Yokohama.

First, let’s discuss good note taking skills

  • How do you take notes when teachers talk?
  • How do you take notes when you read?
  • What specific strategies do you use?
  • What is the problem with cut and paste?
  • How do you keep track of your sources?
  • How do you know what’s important?
  • Once you have all of your notes, how do you make sense of them?
  • How do you begin writing your essay?

A few examples and ideas

Modified Cornell Note Taking for Research Papers


Keep it, Junk It

If you want more ideas:

Then, we will begin working on part 1 of the Yokohama Globalization Project.

Due Friday March 4th