• Examine the relationship between coastal processes (tides, wave action, littoral drift, wind action), lithology, subaerial processes and different coastal landforms. Identify the major landforms of beaches, dunes and cliffs along advancing and retreating coasts.
  • Codrington p. 246 to 260
  • Useful sources on my diigo and BBC Bitesize

After each lecture, you will create a little notebook you can carry with you to the beach (IA field-trip) with  labeled diagrams of each of the processes and landforms described.

You need to be able to draw and explain the processes of each of the following.

For the next week, classes will be divided into  one period of lectures, and one period where you will be required to read Michael Hill’s Coasts and Coastal Management, and answer the review questions in preparation to your IA, as well as Codrington p. 245 to 263.

Review questions should be answered as IB paper 2 short answer questions worth 3, 4 or 5 points. You be the judge…

Here are the scheduled readings.

Hyperlink all your answers here

  • Read Hill p 1 – 18 and answer all questions on p 18.  Due Wednesday March 9
  • Read Hill p 19 – 38 and answer all questions on p 38 Due Friday March 11
  • Read p 39 – 57 and answer questions 1, 2, 4, 5 on p 57 Due Tuesday March 15
  • Read p. 93 to 113 and answer questions 1 to 5 on p 113 Due Thursday March 17
  • Read Codrington p. 245 to 263 for Tuesday March 15