Read Windsor p. 47 to 57, considering the following IB learning outcomes.

  • Discuss the reasons for and consequences of the relocation of polluting industries (such as some TNCs) and waste disposal (such as ICT, chemical and nuclear waste) to countries with weaker environmental controls and safety regulations. (review from Coast unit – Somalia Chemical Waste – and China e-waste)
  • Describe one major pollution event affecting more than one country and examine the consequences of and responses to this event. (Review from Hazard unit – BP oil spill…but be careful…) 
  • Examine the role of one international civil society organization in fostering improved environmental management.

The Rio Nuevo transboundary pollution event: CS – Focus on 1990 – Post NAFTA issues. 

As we watch the video, take detailed notes of causes, environmental consequences and response to the event.

Then, complete this google doc.

Part 2:

Explain the evolution of uniform urban landscapes; the effects of common commercial activity, structures, styles of construction and infrastructure.

Let’s play Name That City!

Complete this doc

Homework: Read Guinness 132 to 141