Next week, we will be going to Kamakura to perform a 2 part fieldwork research on the impacts of tourism as seen by tourists and the local population

Here is the (new) project description and TSC

Here are the groups and their locations – Our class

And here is the plan!

Train Schedule


Some of you may begin part 1 of the project but we need:

  1. Clear grid boundaries of our 4 groups on Googlemap
  2. Two teams creating electronic surveys to be used by all InS 9 classes, with functioning spreadsheets.


Continue part 1 and make sure that grids and electronic surveys are functional


We will conduct a dry-run in the park across the street

May 16 to May 30th (due at beginning of class)

You have every class to complete the project in the required format.

Make sure to include:

Part 1:

  1. Title and Aim
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Background information
  4. Methods and data collection sheet
  5. Results in tables
  6. Results in graphs
  7. Results in maps
  8. Analysis
  9. Conclusion
  10. Evaluation

Part 2:


  • 2 hypotheses
  • Student-made maps and  graphs
  • Analysis