I will be away all day today. I am going to Kamakura with the grade 9 Individuals and Societies classes to collect fieldwork for their Tourism unit.

Here is the work for today:

Grade 11: Work on Analysis of your Internal Assessment, due Wednesday May 18.

Grade 8B:

Period 1: You will peer assess part 1 of The Generations Project

  • Mr Culek will give you a TSC with the name of one of your peers (randomely, do not ask for a specific person)
  • Follow the hyperlinks here 8B to find your person’s paragraph, and ask for viewing rights
  • Give viewing rights to your own document
  • On the paper TSC, write your name next to the name of the person you are assessing: “Assessed by __________________”
  • Carefully read their part 1 and all of their research notes
  • Highlight one of each strand for criteria A and B
  • In the teacher comment section, clearly explain why you gave them these grades, referring to the specific strands and criteria
  • When you are done, return the TSCs to Mr Culek, not to the student. 

When you are done, you have the rest of the class to work on part 3 your Generations Project

Remember, you can present your findings in any way you choose: Video, essay, powerpoint, song, skits etc.

  • If you haven’t conducted the interview yet ,you can:
    • start working on the introduction of your project (historical background, biography, presenting the research question etc)
    • work on the visual aspect of your presentation (powerpoint, diigo, collecting images, video etc)
    • Work on your MLA bibloiography