IB Outcomes:

  • Discuss the sovereignty rights of nations in relation to territorial limits and exclusive economic zones (EEZ).
  • Examine a geopolitical conflict in relation to an oceanic resource, other than fishing.

The Dispute: 

In your table groups or individually, make a copy of this google doc and complete it together using first the 2 sources, and then the video.



IB Style Questions:

1. What rights and responsibilities does a country posses when it has sovereignty over an area of ocean? [5]

2. Explain two differences between sovereignty rights and EEZs. [2+2]

Choose 1:

3. Choose a current (ongoing) geopolitical conflict over an ocean resource that is not fishing. Describe the conflict and its implications and then suggest a realistic solution to the conflict. [10]


3. “Geopolitical conflicts over oceans, including their resources, will only get worse in the future.” Discuss this statement. [10] (m15-3c)