The IB guide reads:

  • Discuss the conflicts that arise from competing land uses and from attempts to manage coastal hazards (tsunamis and storm surges, erosion, cliff failure), pollution, habitat restoration and aquaculture.
  • Case study: Describe the conflicting pressures on a particular coastline.
    • Discuss the management strategies adopted to resolve these pressures and evaluate their effectiveness.

Homework read one of these articles:

  1. US Cities Lag in Race against Rising Seas
  2. This Sinking Isle
  3. Slip Sliding Away (Spring Break HW)

Also, read Codrington p. 237 to 267

Your case study is the Outer Banks of South Carolina


Make sure you have detailed notes on the Outer Banks and all parts of this blogpost stemming from your readings, blog exercises AND class discussions.

  • Using this PPT
  • Make sure you class notes to include definitions of
    • and use
    • natural threats
    • coastal management strategies

Part 1:

In teams,  you will read one of the following articles and explain how the competing land uses has lead to conflict, and evaluate  the attempts made to manage the issue.

Coastal Hazards: Sand Dune May Lose Part Of Its Top As Rustic Goes Chic

Pollution: Fishers still angry about 2010 BP oil spill

Habitat Restoration: Fishermen turned tourist guide

Aquaculture: The salmon business: Can marine farming ever be eco friendly?

Share your findings with the class.

Part 2

  • Discuss the conflicts that arise from competing land uses
  • What attempts have been made to manage coastal hazards?

Relevant for part 3 CS:

Part 3: Summative assessment. This will be your case study for the Management Strategies section. 

Read Codrington p. 260-267 (management strategies)


p. 262 Block 6N

  • #1 [4]
  • #2 [5]

p.267 Block 6O,

  • #1 [3]
  • #2 [3]
  • #3 {2+2+2]
Then, answer the following questions. You will be graded using the IB markscheme and rubric.

a) Using this map evidence, explain one likely conflict between types of human activity in: [2×3 marks]

  • (i) Area A,
  • (ii) Area B
(b) Explain two conflicts that could arise from attempts to manage cliff failure. [3+3]
 c) Discuss the conflicts that occur from attempts to manage coastal hazards. [10 marks]
Due Thursday June 16