We have been looking at how corporations work and how they operate when faced with adversity. But what about every day exchanges? How does a multinational corporation, that by definition operate in many countries, go by organizing all their companies, factories and employes across the globe?

As you watch the video, create a PMI table on Supply chain management.

We will discuss it as a class.

Let’s try to figure out all the steps that come into play to produce products we all use.

 Supply Chain Map

You will use this tool to create a simple annotated map.



  • Why do companies want to display their supply chain?
  • Why would others choose not to?
  • What are the difficulties in trusting such data?


  • Using http://www.sourcemap.com/ as a starter, and other sources for further development
  • Choose one product with a minimum number of components ( eg: a specific sneaker model, chocolate, a lipstick, chopsticks, etc.)
  • Using a blank world map, create an annotated map showing:
    • where the material used in the product is from
    • where the  parts were made
    • where it was assembled.
    • Annotations must be 5 to 10 words, explaining WHAT the part is and HOW it is produced.
    • Minimum of 10 annotations 
  • You have until the end of class. So pick a product for which you can find enough information
  • You will be asked to answer a few questions regarding your product next class.