Hi guys,

I will be in Kamakura today, conducting fieldwork with the grade 10 InS class. Here is your work:

Gr 12:

  • 10 minutes to prepare your presentations
  • Once the presentations are done sit around the table at the centre of the room.
    • You will now have a 15 minute (or longer if the conversation is good) socratic seminar ( open discussion where each comment must be supported by a fact you have researched) answering the following IB-style questions:
      • “The causes of global climatic change are essentially human.” Discuss this statement.
      • “Global climate change will increase disparities in development.” Discuss this statement, referring to examples.
  • When you are done read Codrington p. 100 to 120
      • There are extra textbooks in the cupboards

Gr 9A InS