Create groups with at least one person from each presentation groups from the last lesson:

Using the Law reading on social responsibility, prosocial behaviour and altruism answer the following questions:

  • What factors influence whether a person acts or does not act to help when they see someone in need?
  • Are there cultures that are more helpful than other cultures?
  • What are some of the motivations to help?
  • What is the difference between altruism and prosocial behaviour?
  • Individually think of a situation in which you helped others, and analyse the reason/motivation for why you did it?Are there other reasons why someone might exhibit the same behaviour?

Lastly, we will watch the PBS video on children being naturally altruistic.

Discussion: What are the strengths and limitations of the study?

In your groups:

Brainstorm 2 experiment you could do to answer a question about altruism.

  • Create a research question. What will you try to prove/disprove?
  • Create one experiment with informed consent 
  • Create one experiment without informed consent
    • Have step by step descriptions of your experiments
    • Explain what kind of observations you would record. (quantitative vs qualitative)
    • What kind of conclusion could you draw from your study? How would you know it is reliable?