After having done a sample study last class, what rules can you think of that should be followed in every psychological study?

Part 1: Introduction to the bystander effect or the bystander intervention:

  • What you would do in the same situation.
  • What would make you react this way?

Watch the video on the death of Kitty Genovese which led to bystanderism research by Latane and Darley. 


Part 2: In groups, you will read the Law et al 259-263 reading handout (do not lose the handout)

What are the factors that influence whether someone helps or not?  The decision is not as simple as you might think.

Answer the following questions in groups:

Using examples of research, explain how the following factors affect wether or not someone will help a person in distress:

  • diffusion of responsibility, social influence (pluralistic ignorance) and audience inhibition
  • Arousal and cost and reward 
  • Similarity, victim attributes and responsibility and mood
  • Competence and experience

Post your responses here: 9A & 9C

  • Each group should also email me one question about their section with 4 multiple choices, and the correct answer in bold. 
  • HW for next class: watch the Ted Talk from the Heroic Imagination Project by Clint Wilkins.