Part 1: Discuss Ted Talk 

Part 2:

Re-examine the factors that influence bystanderism using the reading guide. Make a copy of the document and explain the following factors and give one example that influence bystanderism.

Hyperlink your document here. 

Part 3: Now that you’re all experts

Here’s a film clip about a child abduction showing the bystander effect.

In your groups, discuss: Besides the diffusion of responsibility ,what other factors might be influencing the situation.

Part 4:

View the quick film clip on the Matthew Carrington situation

In your groups, discuss:  Ask yourself why no one took any action and write a quick synopsis of the events on your blog.  Be confident in your ability to examine the major factors that influence bystanderism and back up your argument with empirical evidence.  Be familiar with the minor factors. 


Homework: Watch this clip done by students at Boston University in 1976-77 and another by high school students regarding who would help a student passed out on the floor.