Choose a ‘point in History’ an event, happening, or milestone, something very focused and create a good, well focused research question. So for example, just writing about how World War Two started is too broad, however, if you focus it down to something more specific, for example to  To what extent did Japan feel forced to attack the United States at Pearl Harbor? 

The key is the sources that you choose to answer your question!

In this assignment you will use 5 sources, which show at least 2 different perspectives even if they are only slightly different, and 1 must be a visual source such as a political cartoon, photo, map, etc. A political cartoon can sometimes say much more than a photo in trying to get a specific message across and vice versa.

  1. Pick 5 primary (or secondary) sources that show a broad scope of opinions and ideas about your event or theme from a variety of perspectives.  Focus on the OPPVL of the sources and be able to explain why one source weighs more heavily in your argument because of its values and how other sources you recognize limitations.
  2. Properly source each one using MLA Works Cited and proper in-text citation and include all the information that you use for each source on a separate sheet of paper labeling your sources A-E so that they are easy to refer to in your essay.
  3. Your argument can be no more than 2 sides of A4 paper, font 12, 5-7 paragraphs

Now choose your topic or general area first and then work on narrowing down your topic and constructing the question that you will answer using your sources. You must discuss the OPPVL of your sources and show different perspectives as you analyze.

You will need to create 5 OPPVLs for this assignment and get them graded by me during class. I will then use the best sustained grade of your top 3 scores to give you your final assessment. Here is the OPPVL TSC that you should add at the bottom of each of your OPPVLs.

Hyperlink your topic, research question, OPPVL, outline and research question here

Here is the TSC for Criteria B,C and D.

Outline due date: TBD