In addition you should watch a (1) documentary film related to an issue we have studied (or will study) in class and be ready to discuss it during the first class of January.

Here are some suggestions, but you can rent a DVD or browse sites like youtube or if you want to find something that really interests you.

Remember, the course topics are:

  • P1: Population in Transition
  • P1: Disparities in Wealth in Development
  • P1: Patterns in Environmental Quality and Sustainability
  • P1:Patterns in resource consumptions
  • P2: Oceans and their Coastal Margins
  • P2: Hazards and Disasters
  • P2: The Geography of Food and Health (HL only)
  • P3: HL extension: Globalization (see all topics in IB guide) (HL only)

Here are a few suggestions

Addicted to Aid (disparity, HL extension, food)

Demographic Winter (population)

Earthlings (food)

Acidic Oceans (coasts)

Life and Debt (development, aid, financial flows, disparity)

Welcome to Lagos. (development, urbanization, disparity)

China from the Inside (development, disparity)

How the Banks Won (financial flows) (HL)

Sicko (health, disparity)

The Inside Job (financial flows, development, disparity)

The Oil Factor (financial flows, resources, environment)

The End of Oil (resources)

The Curse of Oil (Resources)

The Great Challenge: Oil (Resources)

Fuel (financial flows, resources, environment)

Manufactured Landscapes (development, disparity)

Flow: For Love of Water (food, development, environment, disparity)

Deep sea (coasts)

The Death of Oceans (coasts)

The Cove (coasts)

The 11th Hour (resources, environment)

Earth: The Climate Wars (environment)

The End of the Line (coasts, food)

Syria, Songs of Defiance (violence), (Disparity, HL extension)

Occupation 101: Voices of the silent Majority (violence), (Disparity, HL extension)

The Future of Food (food and health)

What in the World are they Spraying?  (Food and health)
The World According to Monsanto (food and health)

Fast Food, Fat Profits  (food and health)

Super Hurricanes (hazards)

When the levees broke (hazard)

NOVA: Japan’s Killer quake (hazards)

Then and Now: Ishinomaki (hazards)

Inside Tchernobyl (hazards, HL extension)

The Battle of Chernobyl (Hazards, HL extension)

Chernobyl Heart (Hazards, HL extension)

Arctic Meltdown lecture (coasts)

Battle for the Arctic (coasts)

Have a wonderful holiday! Get lots or rest and have fun!!!!