We have been discussing the causes and consequences of global climate change.

We will now look at ways that carbon emission can be reduced:

In order to create a more sustainable community, we must be innovators.”

Think about conservation, recycling, reduction, reuse, substitution and sustainability

1.Energy saving

How you could save energy in your home or your community?  It has to have a practical application?

How will you implement the ideas – get family/government/school on board and make them do it?

2. Sustainability

Describe a way to make your community more sustainable and reduce their use of other resources.

3. Action

Suggest a way to take your ideas to the wider community? 


You will present your ideas to the class during the week of January 30th
Maximum 5 minutes long. Be creative!!

I will accept groups if they are of mixed gender and are with people you have not paired up with in this class so far this year.

Write down your groups and topics here