Now that we have an understanding of disparity and of the podcast format, let’s try to make our own.

We have been discussing ways to reduce disparity, and you next project will ask you to make suggestions to a government on the best ways to reduce disparity in its country.

Let’s look at one more case study before our final assessment.

In groups of 3 or 4, you will create a 5 minute podcast about the following factors and the ways the help reduce disparity. You should see those as consequences, or means, of the methods we studied in the last project. (You can use the data from the factsheets.)

For each topic, explain how it helps reduce disparity and give at least one specific example from an LEDC and an MEDC.

You podcast must include:

  • Definitions
  • All members’ voices
  • Soundbites (quotes)
  • Music
  • Segments with audio transitions

The themes are:

  • Educating girls
  • Reduction of one disease (eg: Malaria, AIDS, Dengue, etc)
  • Improved hard infrastructure (eg: roads, bridges, ports, airports etc.)
  • Improved Information and Communication Technology (eg: internet, cell phone access, etc.)
  • Population policies (eg: One Child Policy, Japan’s pro-natalist policies etc.)
  • Immigration
  • Any other subject you find interesting, with teacher approval.

You will have 4 periods to create your podcast.