Hi all,

I will be absent on Tuesday and Wednesday to take the grade 11 Geo students to Shimoda to conduct their Internal Assessment on Coastal Erosion.

Here is the work for these 2 days

Grade 12: Do Exercises 1 (Tue) and 2 (Wed) of Political Outcomes. In the unlikely event of you guys finishing early, please complete the vocabulary list.

Grade 9: Please put your signed permission forms on the whiteboard

  • Tuesday:
    • 9C work on presentations, (if you are done you may present today)
    • 9A present your tourism projects, then begin Kamakura project (below)
  • Wednesday:
    • 9C present your tourism projects, then begin Kamakura project (below)
    • 9A continue Kamakura project (below)

Kamakura Project Part 1: Introduction: (Summative)

When you are done with presentations, get in these groups and begin the introduction to  your Kamakura field trip project. You need to gain an understanding of Kamakura tourism and history.

Each group needs:

  1. In 200 words or less:
    1.  Give some information on attractions, patterns and trends of tourism in Kamakura.
    2. Give some information on the history of Kamakura.
    3. Describe the location of Kamakura. You should include a written description which includes the distance from Tokyo, compass directions and physical features. (mountains, rivers, oceans etc
  2. Two hand-drawn, color maps with titles, number, north arrow, key and scale
    1. A map of Japan showing location of Kamakura (Example)
    2. A map of Kamakura, including our areas of research, main roads, physical features and important touristic features

Due next week