Now that we have all of our data, we will put it all together here:

Then, work on the project.

Here is what you need

Project 1:

  1. Title and Aim
  2. Hypothesis (x2 + Justification)
  3. Background information (200 words max)
  4. Methods and data collection sheet (with justification)
  5. Results in tables, graphs and maps (must be student hand-or-computer made, in color with numbers and titles)
  6. Pictures with annotations, numbers and titles
  7. Analysis (integrated with your graphs and tables and pictures)
  8. Conclusion, where you answer the question (100 words max)
  9. Evaluation (100 words max)

Part 2:

  • Title page
  • 2 hypotheses with justification
  • Student-made maps and graphs
  • Analysis (max 150 words per hypothesis)

Of course, keep a close eye on the TSC and specific project requirements