• —Why do cities want to host the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup?
  • —What problems have occurred while preparing for Olympic games?
  • —What problems have occurred after having hosted Olympic games?

We have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of tourism, and looked at the history of the Olympic games.

Major sporting events have always had their shares of controversy.

South Korea 1986


Beijing 2008

Brazil 2014 World Cup


—In groups, you will create a short presentation describing a controversy surrounding an upcoming major sporting event.

—Create a 5 (max) minute PowerPoint presentation (10 slides max) describing:

  • The reason your city wanted to host the event
  • The main lines of the controversy
  • The benefits of hosting the event in your city/country
  • The drawbacks of hosting the event in your city/country
  • Answer these questions:
    • Should the event still take place?
    • Would you still patronize the event?
  • —The slides may not contain more than 5 words each. They should be used solely as visual aids and prompts, not essay pages.
  • You may not read from a piece of paper or laptop either. All information must be in your own words.
  • Be ready to answer questions from your peers.

Possible Topics – 2 teams can pick the same event, not the same controversy. Some sources will be available on my Diigo

  • —The Rio Olympics 2016
  • —The PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018
  • —Russian World Cup 2018
  • —The Tokyo Olympics 2020
  • —Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
  • —The Qatar World Cup 2022
  • Any other with teacher consent

Things to consider:

  • —Tourism Growth
  • —  Income and multiplier effect
  • —  Natural environment
  • —  Infrastructure
  • —  Demand for labor
  • —  National pride
  • —  Foreign policy goals
  • —  Awareness of sports
  • —  Sense of community
  • —  Empowerment of low-income residents

List of case studies