Introduction to Psychology and the study of human behavior.

What is the nature vs. nurture argument?

What is behavior?

What part of your behavior is based on:

  • your gender?
  • your parents?
  • your culture?
  • your friends?

Watch the BBC clip on gender stereotypes and discuss the questions above:

This came out just this week on the BBC

In pairs, summarize the findings of the Cambridge study in regards to adults and gender stereotyping, and the Hines study on monkeys and toy preferences. You will then explain it to another partner.  

Then, watch the BBC short documentary on Eugenics and sport.

What is one possible explanation for the dominance of black athletes in sprint events? Why is this a dangerous and/or erroneous assumption to make?

Write a blogpost explaining your understanding of the Nature VS Nurture debate. Using examples, give your opinion on the theme. Is our behaviour dictated by our genes or our environment?
Post your blogpost link here


Using the Nature vs. Nurture (handout), read the arguments and then fill out the chart on the back, and check with your family tonight on whether or not they agree with you, and please bring your sheet completed next class, ready to discuss your answers.