Why do companies compete with each other?

How can a company compete with another? (Strategies)

What is the purpose of advertising?

Draw a diagram explaining the outcome of advertising on quantity and pricing.

What is a monopoly?

Draw a diagram of how a monopoly would affect quantity and pricing.

Is a monopoly a good or bad thing?

We will now play the “Hunt the Cons” game to think further about the pros and cons of monopolies.

Let’s discuss again, is a monopoly a good or bad thing?

Monopoly slideshow

In your groups, find 2 real world examples of companies with a monopoly on their market:

  • One with positive social outcomes
  • One with negative social outcomes

For your Second summative assessment, you will have a choice of creating a video or a Pecha Kucha

TSC for Video

TSC for Pecha Kucha (Google slide timing tutorial)

Hyperlink your team, topic and project here


Due date:

  • 10 A: March 2nd (2nd period)

  • 10 C: March 9th, (Due March 7th if you will be absent on the 9th)