For our first unit, we’ll be looking at the role World Religions have played in development of culture and human history.

The statement of inquiry will be : 

Religions are belief systems that shape our cultures and perspectives

Inquiry Questions:

What are the major belief systems?

hat do you know about the?

How do they affect the world? ,

What are the similarities and differences between major world religions?

  •  What do you find interesting about this unit?
  • What worries you about this unit?
  • What will you need to know in order to answer the unit question?
  • What is your stance/opinion on the statement of inquiry?
  • What question do you have about the statement of inquiry

Warm up: Make a list of ten things that you believe in a blogpost. Make a list, starting with the sentence: “I believe…” Once completed share one or more of your beliefs with your group, and explain why you believe this.

Hyperlink your answers here and have a discussion with a partner about your beliefs. Are there similarities? Differences? How do you explain the differences?

What is religion? Watch the following BrainPop video and write a definition for religion (in your own words) in your table groups.

Religion as a system. Revise the key concept of systems by reading this. Then, create a diagram (hand drawn or digital) showing how religion can be connected with various parts of human society. You might like to consider the following aspects. How are these things related?

  1. Social aspects (how we act and relate to one another)
  2. Cultural aspects (cultural practices such as dance, food, music, art)
  3. Political aspects (how we govern ourselves and choose our leaders)
  4. Economic aspects (money and resources)
  5. Legal aspects (laws)

Take a picture and hyperlink your diagram here