What are creation myths?

What creation myths do you know?

What is the purpose of a creation myth?

Step 1: You and a partner/small group will look at one of the Creation Stories. As you read, complete a See Think Wonder routine on a large piece of paper. As you read, consider: 

  • What do you see?

  • What do you think about that?

  • What does it make you wonder?

Possible topics:

  • Australian Aborigines
  • North American Aborigines
  • Hokkaido Aborigines
  • Chinese Creation
  • Christian Creation
  • Hindu Creation
  • Humanist Creation
  • Jewish Creation
  • Muslim Creation
  • Yanomamo Sanem
  • Baha’i Creation
  • Another creation of your choice. Must be approved by Mr. McKeown
  • Possible source

You will share your finding with your peers. Outlining similarities and differences of your myths 

Step 2: Draw a 6 panel comic strip depicting the big lines of a religious story of your choice, approved by Mr. McKeown

  • Your comic strip must include drawings, but writing is optional
  • You must tell the whole story, beginning, middle and end, though some details can/should be omitted
  • You will have a double period to finish your comic strip

Step 3: Put yourself in a group of 4 people. Make sure no one has the same religion. Share your strip (you may have to have a digital copy if you don’t have the original).

Step 4: Complete the Claim, Support, Question table, thinking about the similarities and differences between the religions. Be prepared to share with the whole class.