Why do companies compete with each other?

How can a company compete with another? (Strategies)

What is the purpose of advertising?

Draw a diagram explaining the outcome of advertising on quantity and pricing.

What is a monopoly?

Draw a diagram of how a monopoly would affect quantity and pricing.

Is a monopoly a good or bad thing?

We will now play the “Hunt the Cons” game to think further about the pros and cons of monopolies.

Let’s discuss again, is a monopoly a good or bad thing?

Activity 1:

In groups of 2, go over the Monopoly slideshow

  • Make a copy of this document , add your names to the title, share it with me and hyperlink it here
  • Then, answer the questions in paragraph form and list of all the important words, give their definitions and one real world example.

Activity 2:

In your same groups, find 2 real world examples of companies with a monopoly on their market.

Explain why it is a monopoly


  • One with positive social outcomes
  • One with negative social outcomes

Sirius XM to buy Pandora


For your Second summative assessment, you will have a choice of creating a video or a Pecha Kucha (Or an essay, anyone?)

TSC for Video (groups of 2)

TSC for Pecha Kucha (Google slide timing tutorial) (Individual)

TSC  for Essay

Hyperlink your team, topic and project here


Past examples:

Due date:

  • 10B: Tuesday October 9th
  • 10C: Monday October 8th