Energy proposals

  • You will be given an OS map to conduct a feasibility study and produce an environmental sustainability proposal for the map’s area.
  • You will need to research the area and understand the most pressing environmental issue(s)
  • State what changes would be best suited for the region, and the site where these could be employed.
  • Your product will be a hand drawn, annotated map on poster paper.


  • Your maps must include:
    • Title
    • Scale (cannot be the same as on your map)
    • Grid reference
    • Land use
    • Key
    • Elevation where relevant
    • Main physical features
    • Reference to map evidence
    • Information on the region
    • Population
    • Energy usage
    • Climate and meteorological trends
    • Economic activities
    • Main environmental issues (climate, soil, population, resource consumption etc)
  • Handwritten annotations of site for each new initiative with:
    • Brief explanation
    • Simple design
    • Statistics to support your choice
    • Short explanation of your decision
    • Graphs if necessary
    • Physical features that guided your decision
  • Any other relevant information that can support your decision


Things to consider: (You don’t need all of these. Pick the most relevant)

  • Renewable energy: Benefits, drawbacks, cost, climatic conditions
  • Economic activity: resources, needs, externalities
  • Demographics: Education, birth rates, life expectancy (PPT)
  • Environment: Biodiversity, cultural heritage, pollution
  • Politics: Government type and power, history

Due date: March 14th (12 periods, not including today)


Sustainability is achieved when any process that interacts with the environment replenishes what it uses so that the process is capable of continuing in perpetuity.  If resources are used faster than they can replenish, then it is unsustainable.


Image result for energy consumption

  • What is the trend of energy consumption?
  • Can you explain it?
  • Where do renewable energy fit in?
    • What is the current % of renewable energy produced worldwide

  • What is the trend of renewable energy production?
    • Can you explain the trend?
    • What factors affect the production of renewable energy?

In groups of 2, complete the handout. We will discuss your findings.


kW vs kWh


For a more in depth explanation:

Interesting watch on energy efficiency