Now that the presentation is done, it is tome to write your reflection.


In your table groups discuss:

  • What was the specific problem you addressed? – Give examples
  • How effective were you in addressing the problem?
  • What were the benefits of working in groups?
  • What were the difficulties?
  • How did you overcome the difficulties?
  • What did you personally bring to your group?
  • If you had to do it again, how would you do it?

The Reflection

  1. Brainstorm your answer.  Write everything that you think could be useful and the examples to include to answer the 2 questions below
  2. Plan your reflection
  3. You will have 40 minutes to write your reflection
  • Reflect on the process of collaboration. What did you contribute? What was difficult? What did you learn about collaborating with people who weren’t physically with you? Include evidence to support your ideas.
  • Reflect on your your product/service/good: How effective would your project be in addressing the issue of globalization? What makes you say that? What would you do differently and why? Include evidence to support your ideas.

Here is the TSC 

Hyperlink your work here, as well as your link to your OLJ

(You can split your OLJ into 2 sections if you want)