Mystery at York – activity here

Easter Island – activity here

Building a Time Capsule

You have been tasked in creating a time capsule that won’t be opened until the year 3018. You are only allowed to include 8 items. The items must give a reflection to future historians as to what life was like for people in 2018.

ATL:Thinking Skills Working Individually (and silently-some like individual think time):

Make a list of the items below  and then answer the following questions.


  1. Based only on the items found in your time capsule, what would the historians be able to tell about life in 2018?

ATL Skills: Critical Thinking and Collaboration

In pairs:

  1. Look at your partner’s time capsule.  What conclusions can you draw about life in 2018 and what wonderings do you still have? What information is missing or confusing?
  2. Are there any misleading conclusions that they might draw?

ATL Skills:Empathy and Listening skills

Paired Discussion:

Look at both of your time capsules and discuss your answers to the questions above. Now create one new capsule in light of your new thinking using the top 8 items from your combined lists. Do you need to add anything else?

  1. What problems does this exercise show might face historians in their study of (any) past?

Individual Reflection:

  1. What information do you think the historian finding your time capsule would like you to have recorded on a plaque to help them draw the most useful conclusions from the evidence you have included? What would they like to know about you to stop them drawing too many false conclusions?

A Time Capsule for Aliens

In September 1977, NASA launched the spaceship Voyager into space with a mission to study the outer solar system. Loaded onto this spaceship was a golden record that contained sounds and images from earth was meant to be played by any alien species that found the spaceship.  video. Full list of what was on the Golden Record

Project Brainstorm:

For the next project, you will study a specific historical event that took place when a living member of your family was alive. You will research the event and try to get a good understanding of it, and then interview a family member that has experienced it.

First, if possible, find a member of your class that shares a similar national and/or cultural heritage. If you have more than one, you may choose one that you wish to study for this project. 

Together brainstorm a list of historical events that took place in your country or region since WWII. You may use your computer to research events and themes you find interesting.

  • Think of the time capsule exercise – What kind of information, artifacts, sources could you research?
  • What type of information could your family member provide that would give you a new perspective on the event?
  • What might be difficult about studying this event?
  • What do you find interesting about it?

Then, complete this google doc. and hyperlink your doc here

When you are done, pick one event you wish to share with the class and complete one slide of this presentation.
  • Slide show: 8U
  • Your slide should only include pictures – One or more.
  • We will go through the slide and you will tell the class about the event and your family member who was present at the time.
  • As you listen to the presentations, think about the historical events you have discussed and whether you still find them interesting and how appropriate it would be for this particular project.