• What do you know about the Korean war?
  • Why are there two Koreas?
  • How can you learn more about it?


Here is a little more information:

  • Which source was more informative
  • Which of these sources do you trust?
  • What makes a historical more trustworthy?
  • Can sources have different perspective?
  • Can sources be biased?


Exercise 1: Complete this handout

Exercise 2: With a partner:

  1. Compare your handout answers
  2. Complete a “I used to think that… now I think…” routine about your answers.
  3. Write2 or 3 sentences answering the following questions:
    1. How should you evaluate sources before using them for your history project?
    2. ¬†Are there values in “biased” sources?
    3. What types of sources will you look for to complete your project?


Exercise 3: Further reading