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Work for Tuesday, September 13th

Hi guys,

I will be in Kamakura today, conducting fieldwork with the grade 10 InS class. Here is your work:

Gr 12:

  • 10 minutes to prepare your presentations
  • Once the presentations are done sit around the table at the centre of the room.
    • You will now have a 15 minute (or longer if the conversation is good) socratic seminar ( open discussion where each comment must be supported by a fact you have researched) answering the following IB-style questions:
      • “The causes of global climatic change are essentially human.” Discuss this statement.
      • “Global climate change will increase disparities in development.” Discuss this statement, referring to examples.
  • When you are done read Codrington p. 100 to 120
      • There are extra textbooks in the cupboards

Gr 9A InS

InS 8: Improving our urban environment

We have been discussing the role of cities today, as well as their many benefits and drawbacks. We read about Osaka and how they are trying to address some of the problems they are facing while trying to make the lives of their citizens better. 8B 8C

Part 1:

Today we will be looking at initiatives (technological, political, infrastructure, education etc)  worldwide being done to either improve urban life or address an urban problem.


  • What are the main problems of cities? MEDC and LEDC?
  • What are the main problems in Yokohama and/or Tokyo?
  • Do you know of any initiatives being done in Yokohama or Tokyo?

In groups:

  • Research one initiative being done addressing one of the following problems.
  • You will present the project as well as evaluate its effectiveness in addressing the problem.
    • Traffic in LEDC
    • Traffic in MEDC
    • Pollution in MEDC
    • Pollution in LEDC
    • Crime
    • Homelessness
    • Physical fittness
    • Waste Management
    • Water quality
    • Population growth
    • Poverty
    • Inequality (gender, ethnic, etc)
    • Any other issue (with teacher consent)


Part 2: Find a Solution

In groups, you will design a solution to an urban problem facing a specific city. 

Your design can be technological, legal, infrastructure, education, anything that you can think of. Money is not an issue.

You will need to:

  • Define the problem in the context of your city.
  • Create a design plan to your invention following each step of the MYP design cycle
    • Include: Explain and justify the need
    • Analysis of existing product
    • Product design and sketch
  • Once this is complete and accepted by Mr McKeown, you will create a visual representation of your design, in any way you see fit (minecraft, 3D imaging, cardboard model, drawing, blueprint etc)
  • You will finally present your project to the class on:
    • 8B: Monday June 13
    • 8C: Tuesday June 14


Work for Tuesday May 10th

I will be away all day today. I am going to Kamakura with the grade 9 Individuals and Societies classes to collect fieldwork for their Tourism unit.

Here is the work for today:

Grade 11: Work on Analysis of your Internal Assessment, due Wednesday May 18.

Grade 8B:

Period 1: You will peer assess part 1 of The Generations Project

  • Mr Culek will give you a TSC with the name of one of your peers (randomely, do not ask for a specific person)
  • Follow the hyperlinks here 8B to find your person’s paragraph, and ask for viewing rights
  • Give viewing rights to your own document
  • On the paper TSC, write your name next to the name of the person you are assessing: “Assessed by __________________”
  • Carefully read their part 1 and all of their research notes
  • Highlight one of each strand for criteria A and B
  • In the teacher comment section, clearly explain why you gave them these grades, referring to the specific strands and criteria
  • When you are done, return the TSCs to Mr Culek, not to the student. 

When you are done, you have the rest of the class to work on part 3 your Generations Project

Remember, you can present your findings in any way you choose: Video, essay, powerpoint, song, skits etc.

  • If you haven’t conducted the interview yet ,you can:
    • start working on the introduction of your project (historical background, biography, presenting the research question etc)
    • work on the visual aspect of your presentation (powerpoint, diigo, collecting images, video etc)
    • Work on your MLA bibloiography

InS 8: Generations Project

We have been discussing methods of collecting information for historical purposes. We have also discussed different perspectives in history, exploring the Guiding Question:  Does everyone see “history” in the same way?

We will now begin our summative assessment The Generations Project

Hyperlink your work here 8B8C

Work for Monday March 21st and Tuesday March 22nd

I will be absent Monday and Tuesday to complete the IA field trip in Shimoda with the Gr 11 IBDP Geography students.

Here is the work for today:



InS 8: Globalization of Yokohama

We have been looking at ways that Globalization affects Culture.

In the next project, we will collect primary and secondary sources to uncover the influence globalization has had on Yokohama.

First, let’s discuss good note taking skills

  • How do you take notes when teachers talk?
  • How do you take notes when you read?
  • What specific strategies do you use?
  • What is the problem with cut and paste?
  • How do you keep track of your sources?
  • How do you know what’s important?
  • Once you have all of your notes, how do you make sense of them?
  • How do you begin writing your essay?

A few examples and ideas

Modified Cornell Note Taking for Research Papers


Keep it, Junk It

If you want more ideas:

Then, we will begin working on part 1 of the Yokohama Globalization Project.

Due Friday March 4th

I will be absent today

Hi guys,

I will be absent again today.

Grade 8, work on your Globalization Product Placement. Remember to clearly explain how you have considered both cultures in your new product. Explain how your choices take into account specific cultural traits. 

Grade 9: Work on your Social History project. You should have your three sources by now. Start researching your topic in depth in order to created good, thought provoking questions for your interview. 

Have a nice day,

Mr M

InS 8: Gobalization product placement

We have been discussing globalization and its influence on culture, economics, people, international relations, the environment etc.

What is the impact of globalization on you?

So Where’s Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity from Adrian Bautista on Vimeo.


Comapanies, aware of the power and possible economic benefit of doing business globally, have tried to sell their products worldwide, with varying levels of success. They’ve realized that you can’t sell a product the same way in every country.

  • What factors may affect the way you sell a product in a different country?
  • Can you think of a product that you use that would not sell in another culture? Why?
  • How can a company adapt their product to other cultures?
Glocalization is the practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations.
For the next projectm you will be asked to glocalize a product that is relevant in your culture.

Project: Globalization Product Placement

Snow day cover

Hi guys,

I hope you are enjoying your snow day.

Here is the work to be done today:

Gr 12, your presentations will be rescheduled. I will email you soon. Meanwhile, study for Fridays unit test.

Gr 8B: Work on your infographic

Gr 9, Mr. Culek will email you.

Have a nice day and go play outside!! See you in a week.

Mr M

Welcome back! Here is the work while I am away

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing break and that you spent some quality time with your loved ones. I will be away fro two weeks for my paternity leave, and will return on January 25th.

You can email me if you have questions and I will try to answer as quickly as I can.

Here is the work to do during my absence:

Grade 8 InS B and C: You will work on the Infographic project. Due Friday January 22nd

Grade 9 InS:  Here is the work

Grade 11: Here is the work

Grade 12: Here is your work

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